Customer Stories

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Why Customers Trust Leverage Technologies?

Customers return to Leverage Technologies again and again because of our track record in the support, implementation and integration of Software AG technologies.
We have decades of experience, a professional, accredited team of developers, infrastructure engineers, and business process consultants - plus thousands of successful projects across the public and private sectors.
So when enterprise level organisations face complex technology challenges, we are the people they call.

Unpicking and modernizing legacy integrations

Our customer, a leading oil industry supplier, came to Leverage Technologies with a challenge that would see us helping them rewire fundamental business processes.

The challenge

Outdated legacy integrations were making it difficult for technology leaders to pursue their digital transformation agenda, limiting the operational and productivity benefits of the modern distributed applications being rolled out across the business.

And while the knowledge no longer existed internally to begin addressing these issues, leaders were clear that modernization was a priority.

The solution

We proposed a solution that incorporated Enterprise Service Bus and API-led architecture to alleviate the information exchange bottlenecks – enabling data to move between legacy systems and modern applications.

The outcome

With seamless integration, both internally and with external business partners, though a secure data exchange, our customer has boosted their reporting capabilities, improved productivity, and efficiency, and has brought digital transformation back on track.

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