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Why Customers Trust Leverage Technologies

Customers return to Leverage Technologies again and again because of our track record in the support, implementation and integration of Software AG technologies.

We have decades of experience, a professional, accredited team of developers, infrastructure engineers, and business process consultants - plus thousands of successful projects across the public and private sectors.

So when enterprise level organisations face complex technology challenges, we are the people they call.

Oil Industry: Unpicking and modernizing legacy integrations

Our customer, a leading oil industry supplier, came to Leverage Technologies with a challenge that would see us helping them rewire fundamental business processes.

The challenge

Outdated legacy integrations were making it difficult for technology leaders to pursue their digital transformation agenda, limiting the operational and productivity benefits of the modern distributed applications being rolled out across the business.

And while the knowledge no longer existed internally to begin addressing these issues, leaders were clear that modernization was a priority.

The solution

We proposed a solution that incorporated Enterprise Service Bus and API-led architecture to alleviate the information exchange bottlenecks – enabling data to move between legacy systems and modern applications.

The outcome

With seamless integration, both internally and with external business partners, though a secure data exchange, our customer has boosted their reporting capabilities, improved productivity, and efficiency, and has brought digital transformation back on track.

PPL Corporation: Urgent upgrade support and implementation

A fortune 500 enterprise and one of the United States’ largest utility companies, PPL employs more than 6,500 people, supporting over 2.5 million customers with essential energy.

The challenge

PPL Corporation asked Leverage Technologies to help them solve an ongoing upgrade issue.

The old version of webMethods they were using was no longer in support with Software AG, meaning PPL incurred extended support costs, while parts of their system could no longer integrate up to date versions of Linux Red Hat and Windows. Critically, this meant they could not achieve the levels of encryption required by their strict IT security protocols.

Unfortunately, the skills to address this challenge were no longer present in-house. And important knowledge and insight into the original implementation had also been lost.

The solution

Using our extensive webMethods expertise, Leverage Technologies identified and uncovered the missing implementation insights, filling knowledge gaps, identifying issues and recommending an optimised, low-risk upgrade strategy.

Our specialists worked as part of the in-house team, adapting to uncertainties as they arose and flexing our process to fit seamlessly within PPL’s existing Scrum/Agile project approach.

The outcome

Our multi-practice team completed 48 features containing over 197 stories and 1192 tasks. We upgraded and tested webMethods installations across five separate PPL Corporation businesses, including development, QA and production systems.

“We deployed a big scary upgrade and most of the company was completely unaware. When engaging in an upgrade for support purposes, the business users not being aware that anything even changed is the ultimate measure of success”.

Additionally, our team provided all the required training environments and document libraries, ensuring productivity was not unduly affected by the upgraded user experience.

PPL were able to reduce support costs and crucially, bring their encryption levels up to the required standard.

“Overall, the project was a challenge from many perspectives. Leverage Technologies utilized their expertise to make the process smooth and controlled. It was a pleasure working with such a professional and capable team.”

Pennsylvania Justice Network

The Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET) is the information broker for a number of critical municipal, county, state and federal agencies, integrating and processing important public safety and criminal justice data from thousands of departments across Penn state.

Justice Network: Boosting service quality

The challenge

The JNET team asked us to look into potential security vulnerabilities and configuration issues within their DataPower environment that were causing end-user issues.

Their ultimate objective was to increase productivity and operational efficiencies.

The solution

After thorough investigation, Leverage Technologies accredited specialists embedded with the JNET team to implement the required services, using IBM DataPower Gateway platforms.

The outcome

With the user experience issues alleviated and a single point of secured network access for all externally facing services, JNET reports productivity and efficiency benefits in line with project objectives.

Justice Network: The complex duplicate data conundrum

The challenge

JNET technology leaders at the Public Safety Delivery Centre (PSDC) identified a problem with the way criminal complaints and offences were tracked across their network. Offense tracking numbers (OTN) could be issued from several sources, via a Magisterial District Judge or Common Pleas Court, or through electronic fingerprinting.

The existing model relied on blocks of OTNs shared through multiple agencies and was prone to error through duplication. It meant the integrity of background checks on employment, weapons purchases and working with children could be compromised.

Crucially, there was also a danger that officers may be unaware of an existing OTN when dealing with an offender or submitting a complaint, leading to further duplication and possible safety risks.

The solution

Our specialists mapped and analysed the OTN process across nine major agencies, to gather the complexities of the current system and map the requirements of this project.

Using this insight, we were able to identity and address a number of inefficiencies in the system. We developed a bespoke Criminal Complaint e-Filing (CCeFiling) system that could be accessed both through the JNET portal and as a secure web service, accessible programmatically to municipal RMS applications.

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts became the sole source of OTN generation, with filing and processing of criminal complaints expedited in real time as a single data source across all agencies.

The outcome

The complexity of user acceptance testing across multiple agencies was handled by our specialist team, and the one-time data entry method implemented throughout the state’s criminal justice system.

Now, information entered into CCeFiling system at the onset of an investigation can follow the offender through the criminal justice system from beginning to end, securely and readily accessible where it’s required to ensure public safety.

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